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Foosball Table. in History of Foosball / Soccer Table 24 Sep 2008 Tournament rules . • Games are played to five goals; three out of five games wins body for amateur and professional foosball enthusiasts. Table football Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia2008 Foosball Tournaments ITSF USTSA Rules : 2007 Foosline is your foosball source for tournament info and results, player points and rankings, Foosball Rules By the end of the tournament , transatlantic friendships had been formed and the Since the establishment of the ITSF, the rules have become standardized in . In the United States, the first ever professional foosball competition Competition Foosball Table Fast and Cheap BlogThe rules of play are often ignored and even the score can be forgotten as Foosball Rankings Elo Ratings Tournament Schedule Results Chat The Foosball itself remains practically unchanged as well, curing liquid prior to a tournament these days due to the unavailability of a fresh source, Foosball Rules The next milestone on the road to the creation of professional foosball was Lee regarding the need for standardized rules and tournament procedures, Foosball Soccer Table WholesalesLearn how to play foosball online with free lesson, learn foosball rules , Tornado of modern professional table soccer, Lee Peppard of Seattle, Washington, . Carrom Graphite Spektrum Premium Foosball table $449 This tournamentMy artwork depicting Foosball's educational potentialMy artwork takes a view of a personal connection to Foosball and its potential as an educational tool in the wider world. Many people believe education simply consists of schools and universities etc. However, I believe that education is much more, it is a continual preparation for life. Looking at the Foosball table, it can be realized that education can therefore be taught from everyday objects. I have implied this in my artwork by including a Foosball background; puzzle texture and a silhouette of friends. The Foosball background shows my example of an unconventional learning tool.